16. 05. 2016

IT technology

Information technology is a branch of technology, which is engaged in developing, implementing and improving processes and methods of collection, inspection, processing, storage, retrieval, management, exchange, display, access and use of data and information, including automation of these processes. It is part of a main field – information and communication technologies.

Information technology is currently considered a decisive factor affecting economic and social development. This is largely because of their ability to solve problems out of the economic centers, far away places and regions. For the dynamics of its development, its scope and reach the information technology is essential to contemporary society.

Czech Republic has become one of the premium locations for offshoring and outsourcing services in information technology. These developments support the great tradition of the Czech Republic in technical fields, the number of talented people and acceptable costs and confirms a large influx of projects with high added value from the world’s leading IT companies.

In the field of information technology we consult and then provide suitable IT solutions. Furthermore, we are developing software applications for practical use.